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Success Stories

– Sydell H.
San Diego, CA

"My daughter had an extraordinary experience with Launch Generation. The mini-MBA classes exposed her to every angle of entrepreneurship, going deeper in areas she knew she was passionate about and learning about others that she had never heard of before. Working as part of a team to create and present a business plan, she made great friends from around the world and stepped out of her comfort zone. Definitely worth the investment!"

– Joyce S.

Portland, OR

"Our daughter attended this program and from the moment she arrived until their final group presentation she was busy. She came back enthused knowing she could put together complex ideas, gleaned both from individuals, research and experiences into an informative yet fun presentation. She gained a new sense of pride that comes from doing a job well done and returned with many stories to share. Whitney checked in throughout her experience and offered the support that she needed to stay engaged and succeed. I especially appreciate pulling together students from around the world and how that enriched her experience. Our heartfelt appreciation!"

– Meghan G.

United Kingdom

“I attended a program led by the founder of Launch Generation when I was 17, and through their commitment, innovation and optimism, have been shaped into a more confident and self-aware individual than I ever imagined. Generally, life skills such as a stronger understanding of financial matters and courage in communicating and presenting have strengthened me in my entrepreneurial pursuits. More specifically, lessons I learned about social capital with them back when I was 17 played a pivotal role in my undergraduate dissertation this summer! Their dedication to every individual they come across who is willing to learn is exceptional and something I consider myself very lucky to have.”

- Jenna G.

Chicago, IL

“I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to go to this program. I learned about things you don’t get from a traditional classroom setting. Not many people know what goes into a business, and the program demonstrates all aspects. The sessions were interactive and kept students engaged. I was constantly put into real-life situations where I had to work well with others, and many times there was a cultural barrier that I had to work through. The experience I had inspired me to go down the business route for my future career. Overall, it was an eye-opening experience, and I always find myself utilizing the skills that I acquired during my two weeks.

– Charlie D.

New York, NY

“I loved attending this program. I met new friends, learned a lot, gained experience in business and in finance, and had a lot of fun while doing all of that. The staff were all amazing and made sure no one was left behind. I would definitely recommend attending.”

– Savina C.
San Diego, CA

I want to thank you for everything that made my time at Launch Generation as incredible and unforgettable as it could have been! I thoroughly enjoyed each and every day. Walking away from this experience, I feel more confident in myself, in my knowledge, and in my future. Each and every speaker, field trip, game, team experience, you name it, boosted my understanding of the many concepts of the business world. Looking back, I realize that the way each day melted into the next day’s lesson was truly magical, all thanks to the Launch Generation team! 

– Chris G.

Silicon Valley, CA

“This program was formative and we would recommend entrepreneurial and financial literacy programs for teenagers as a fundamental building block for anyone living in the 21st century. With the rise of AI, robotics and even longer lives in our technology-driven world, the future of work is an open question. Being prepared to think like an entrepreneur and having basic training in rudimentary financial concepts and business planning is a valuable skill for everyone. These programs set teens up to take the next step in life and an excellent ROI should be anticipated.“

– Roshan C.


“It was my first visit to the United States and also my first time being thousands of miles away from home, however, the group of counselors made me feel so welcomed. That really helped me adapt to the new culture and focus on what I was there for. I also loved the diversity in the program as there were teens from six different countries.


The staff were very open to our ideas and created a sound environment which allowed us to express ourselves freely. The program was very intensive but they were always available to provide us with technical, mental and emotional support. The sessions were holistically designed with lots of activities that made learning fun and experience based. I learned different skills like idea generation, budgeting, marketing and pitching our ideas to the investors. Looking back at my experience, it really helped in the college business competition that I later participated in and many other areas of my life.”

– Mohammed A.

Saudi Arabia

"The program I attended 2014 had really impacted me in many ways. I met new friends, learned a lot, gained experience, and had a lot of fun. 

The staff were all amazing planners and organizers. They've planned great trips around Oxford and London. 
We went around Oxford street, went to Google's office, and many more. 

Most importantly, the counselors and the staff were always showing positive vibes. They've always shown support to us and to each other."

– Alyson G.

United Kingdom

“After attending this program, I am in a much stronger position entering the ‘real world’ as I have learned vital skills involving finance, business, and incredibly important life lessons. I am more self-assured and enjoy acting independently in many aspects of life that all of us will have to deal with – areas that we are never given the opportunity to learn about at school such as budgeting and financial responsibility. The experience has also strengthened my confidence in situations lying outside of my comfort zone. The opportunity to learn about such crucial parts of life when you’re in your teens, and in such a fun and inclusive way, is something I found totally unique and I could not have picked better or more dedicated people to teach me!”

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