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Our Unique Approach

Our curriculum has a strong focus on financial literacy, helping teens attain the confidence and tools necessary to create an independent life.


We encourage the ideals of simultaneously making money and creating positive change. Our sessions show how making ethical decisions today can affect the long- term viability and success of businesses, your life and our world.


Practice in design thinking, identifying market gaps, and negotiation techniques help develop the adaptability necessary to thrive in a rapidly changing world.


We employ a multi-generational staff and mentors to encourage collaboration between ages and walks of life.

Participants work in small groups to create original and viable businesses to be presented at the end of the program, learning the importance of goal setting and effective leadership. This is not a pitch competition, but an opportunity to bring an idea strategically to its launch. Some teens have continued their businesses beyond the summer, and Launch Generation provides resources to support their endeavors.

Teens participate in several leadership workshops structured and led by a former officer of the British Royal Marines to gain understanding and practice in discipline, ethics, and strategies to effectively lead.

Through visits to cutting-edge companies and dedicated time with industry-leading experts, participants are exposed to new ways of thinking about business and ethics in a global landscape.

Participants leave with the sense of belonging to something bigger, having created a diverse network of mentors, friends, and future business partners from around the world and from varying walks of life.

Teens leave our programs as part of the Launch Generation Alumni Network which includes curated resources, access to Launch Generation mentors, educational webinars, and shared information on internship and job opportunities.


Participants gain understanding and practice of discipline, ethics, and strategies to effectively lead.


Teens create viable business models, building skills in design thinking and project management while gaining exposure to new industries. 

Financial Literacy

Participants gain a strong foundation in personal finance, allowing for stability in an uncertain world.  

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Skills Learned

  • Effective Networking

  • Negotiation

  • Leadership Strategies

  • Ethics and Social Responsibility

  • How to Make Credit Work for You

  • Personal Budgeting and Cash Flow

  • Design Thinking

  • Rapid Prototyping

  • Pitching and Public Speaking

  • Creating Financial Statements

  • Business Funding Options

  • Business Plan Generation

  • Branding, Marketing, Advertising

Exposure Gained

  • Knowledge on New Industries and Innovative Ideas

  • Mentor-ship From Multi-generational Professionals and Innovators

  • Identifying Personal Values and Ambitious Goals

  • Exposure to Careers and Salaries

  • How To Save The World (Sustainable Development Goals)

  • Business Etiquette

  • Grace Under Pressure

  • Goal Setting

  • The Art of Improvisation

  • Understanding Opportunity Costs

  • New Networks of Friends, Mentors, and Future Business Partners

  • Ongoing Support from Launch Generation Staff and Alumni

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