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Simon Ward
Team Mentor

Simon is a Royal Marines Commando Officer, serving in a very high readiness element of the UK’s Armed Forces. He currently commands the Royal Marine’s Armoured Support Group, a unit of 150 personnel based in Dorset, England. The unit specialises in providing Protected Manoeuvre capabilities to UK Commando Forces deployed worldwide.


Since joining the Royal Marines in 2005 he has deployed to 24 countries including on combat and special operations to Afghanistan and the Arabian Peninsular. 


During his early career he served in a variety of Royal Marines units, the Special Forces Support Group and as a liaison officer to the United States Special Operations Command. The highlight of his career so far was being selected as the lead instructor for Young Officers in training, taking selected civilians and developing them into new Royal Marines Commando Officers over a 15 month training course. Recent roles have again been focussed on operational delivery, he provided military assistance to the NHS during the COVID pandemic and was the Operations Officer for a specialist surveillance and information exploitation unit.


Prior to joining the Royal Marines Simon graduated from the University of Salford after studying Contemporary Military & International History and also worked in further education as a tutor at The Manchester College.


His personal ethos is to always endeavour to display humility, fortitude, resilience and cheerfulness, even in situations of genuine adversity. 


Simon lives on the South Coast of England with his wife Pash and their two young children, Cameron and Lyra. 

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