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2024 University of San Diego

Join us at the University of San Diego, July 13-20, 2024

Launch Generation 2024

We believe in learning by doing. Join your peers in creating an original business idea and pitch deck as you learn from industry-leading experts in the areas of business, finance and venture capital.


Launch With Us This Summer

Join us on campus at University of San Diego, California. Tuition covers room and board at the University of San Diego, airport transfers from San Diego Airport, excursions, transportation to site visits, and more.


$5,700 for all applicants

Rolling applications close on June 28th.

Launch Generation by Cresset is an organization which contracts with University of San Diego for the use of facilities, but which has no formal connection with University of San Diego. 

2024 Program Agenda

July 13
Network Effect

There are 7 billion+ people in the world waiting to be met. Start with a manageable portion - connect with your fellow attendees and mentors. Work with your new friends and future business partners to create something bold that will change the world. Oh, and do it in one hour (no pressure.) Dress to impress and come with an open mind and sense of humor.

July 14
Day of Adulting

Despite its occasional bad reputation, being an independent adult can be pretty cool. Things run a lot smoother if you know how to manage your career and finances. These workshops and activities focus on you as an individual and help you identify some core values and skills to help guide you into your future, wherever in the world you end up.

July 15
Design your World

The ability to design is imperative, from designing a product to designing your life. Learn the steps of the design thinking process and put them to use by brainstorming gaps in markets and prototyping ideas to fill them. Learn the logistics of registering a company and putting structures in place to build something great.

July 16
Doing Good and Well

The goals of making money and making the world a better place are coinciding more in today’s businesses. Learn to identify stakeholders and how making ethical decisions today can affect the long-term success of businesses, your life, and our world...

July 17
The Launch

You will spend the afternoon offsite meeting with various businesses leading the charge in social and economic innovation. You’ll be prepped on the best ways to engage with the mentors you meet and how to continue growing your learnings and new network.

July 18
Present Yourself

You’ll be prepped on the best ways to engage while presenting and how to continue growing your learning and new networks. Experience crunch time as you gear up for the final presentations!

July 19
Speak Up

Utilizing everything you learned, present your idea in front of mentors, parents, potential investors, and local media.

July 20
Goodbye, for Now!

Departures throughout the day!

Past Speakers


Jack Ablin

Chief Investment Officer of Cresset

logan allin.jpeg

Logan Allin
Managing General Partner and Founder of Fin Venture Capital

Betts 02 25 lwb.jpg

Melody Betts

Actress, Singer, Songwriter, Writer, Director

Eric Becker Horizontal Compressed Portraits 1920x1135.jpg

Eric Becker

Co-founder and Co-chairman of Cresset


Gentzy Franz

Founder of Lightly


Alex Halbardier

Co-founder & Chief Customer Officer at Alto


Michael Mente
Co-founder & Co-CEO of REVOLVE


Chris Place

Co-founder of Prepd


Mimi Tran Zambetti

Co-founder & Product Lead at Wren

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